Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is an intentional time of prayer with a spiritual director where one’s relationship with God is the primary focus. Spirit-led listening reflects, clarifies, and provides insight as a person shares the activity of God in their life. If living in the fullness of God’s love is the goal, then spiritual direction enables us to discern God in every aspect of our lives – God’s meticulous and gentle gifts discovered moment by moment. God is a relational God and gives us the gift of listening relationships (spiritual directors) that help us move us closer to His heart.

What is our mission for spiritual direction?

As a spiritual director, I am called and affirmed to companion women who desire to explore and deepen their relationship with God. It is my passion to minister to women of all ages who long to find satisfaction in God’s unconditional love and acceptance. My prayer is that women may come to know Jesus as the safe haven in which they are purposefully and uniquely created to dwell, and the place where all of their soul’s longings can be discovered, heard, accepted, and loved.

Will a spiritual director tell me what to do?

No. The term “spiritual director” is a bit misleading. Your life is your journey. A spiritual director is a companion, or one who walks with you, along your path. A qualified spiritual director has completed a thorough theological and psychological training program but is not a counselor or psychologist. A spiritual director will help you listen more clearly to the movement of the Holy Spirit and enable you to move towards God.  All of your personal experiences are worth examining — there is not a place in your life that excludes God. Spiritual direction calls you to look closer at the physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, cultural, and spiritual areas of your life.  It is your spiritual director’s task to intently listen to what God might be doing in you — body, spirit, and soul.

What happens in a direction session?

A typical direction session is 50-60 minutes in length. Spiritual direction can occur in person, over the phone, or via Skype or FaceTime. Your director might ask you to prepare for your session in quiet, centering yourself to meet with God. Wherever you are on your journey, whatever you have been wrestling with is most often the starting point in your session. A session might begin or end in silence or prayer or a scripture may be read. From this point on, the Spirit is the guide.

How often do sessions occur?

Most sessions occur once a month, although based on your need and schedule, they can happen more often or less frequently. Some prefer to schedule their sessions on a regular basis while others schedule with their director as needed.

What does spiritual direction cost?

We provide spiritual direction for all women who desire to grow in their walk with God regardless of their ability to pay. We graciously accept donations between $60 and $100 per session.

Contact Jill to schedule an initial spiritual direction session! 


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